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by Nicole Fisher 2 min read

When it comes to raising children, kindness is a quality parents strive towards. Do you remember when "random acts of kindness" started? Have you ever had your coffee paid for in the drive-thru? Likely, someone was paying it forward. While spending $5 on someone else's coffee is a sweet gesture, parents are worried about bullying and teaching their children how to be a part of society in meaningful ways. This may come naturally to some parents, but others need concrete ideas.

What can you do with your kids to inspire kind acts and cultivate a heart towards others?

  1. Do yard work for an elderly neighbor or bring them dinner. 
  2. Donate money or canned goods to your local food bank.
  3. Mail notes to grandparents.
  4. Participate in a beach/park clean up day.
  5. Paint a kindness rock and leave it on a trail to brighten someone else's day.

Clear Givings wants to help make kindness a way of life. We have kits available from For Purpose Kids that will help your child think about others in new ways. Each kit has a different theme, but the purpose is the same. We also have a kindness calendar that comes with ideas for every day, of any month you choose. Use the calendar each month, or pick a few days per month to focus on kindness. Whatever you do, make it fun and engaging.

Having a purpose and creating ways to engage kindly with others in your community is empowering to children. They naturally want to be involved and help others. How can we help? Actions, words and practice.

  1. Kind actions consistently.
  2. Talk about helping others.
  3. Consistently practice finding ways to help and reach out.

Let us know in the comments what you think and what has worked for you. We would love to spread more kindness ideas and hear how your children got involved. Let's raise this generation to be more kind and community minded.


"I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do." - Jana Stanfield

Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher

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