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by Nicole Fisher 2 min read

The constant messages of saving the earth can sometimes feel overwhelming. Recycle more! Stop this! Do that! It can make your head ache and cause a paralysis of action. But maybe we don't have to do everything all at once. Try taking one baby step each month and make small changes that add up over time.

  1. Water Storage

Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, invest in larger reusable containers and refill them at your local grocery store. A reusable glass or metal water bottle can be carried with you daily and refilled. This reduces your plastic consumption and need to recycle all those bottles.

  1. Food storage

Lunch boxes are back! But now they're compact and made of stainless steel. Beeswax paper can replace plastic wrap and reusable storage bags can be washed and reused. A small investment up front can make big returns when you no longer need to buy boxes of plastic baggies for snacks.

  1. Wear the clothes you have

Most people love to buy new clothes. It's fun to have a new dress or shirt to wear. Did you know that  in the fashion industry alone, 26 billion pounds of textiles are dumped into landfills every year?  It's shocking! The longer you wear the clothes you have, the less wind up in landfills. When you no longer want them, donating is the best option. With all the money you'll save on fast fashion, invest in a few capsule pieces for your wardrobe. When you buy from an eco-friendly business, you're doing more than reducing carbon footprints, you're investing in positive work environments too.

  1. Buy local produce

Support your local farmers and join a CSA (community support agriculture) or buy from a farmers market. The money you spend locally will stay in your community and support those families.

  1. Replace products as you use them

Ditching everything in your house that isn't eco-friendly all at once isn't economically feasible for most people. As you use up what you have, make a plan to replace products with cleaner, safer options. Clear Givings has a wide range of products to choose from and every month as you replace one product for a different one, you'll begin supporting sustainable companies, all while helping the environment at the same time.

These baby steps are just a few ideas. Please post your thoughts  below and let's help each other make a bigger impact.

Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher

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