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by Natalie Michel 4 min read

While the holiday season is about much more than material things, giving gifts is a great way to show your love for the people in your life. It can be difficult sometimes to be a conscious shopper when gift giving, though. Is it even possible to find the perfect gift while still shopping small, eco-friendly, and fairtrade? It is now! At Clear Givings, we’ve put together a list of holiday gift ideas from ethical, eco-friendly vendors that are sure to simplify your shopping.

Honua Ritual Kit by Honua Hawaiian Skincare 

The Honua Ritual Kit is a great gift for anyone who wants to experience Aloha daily. The kit includes the Pa’akai cleansing cream, the Hawaiian beauty water, the Aloha youth serum (now enriched with Bakuchiol), and the ‘Ōlena beauty oil. 

You can find the Honua Ritual Kit here.

eco-friendly skincare


‘Āina and Moana Masks by Honua Hawaiian Skincare

The ‘Āina and Moana Masks are both all-natural, nutrient rich, detoxifying face masks that will leave the skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated. Made in Hawaii and using native Hawaiian ingredients, the Honua face masks are a great way to share a little Aloha with anyone. You can find the Honua face masks here.

eco-friendly skincare and facemaskseco-friendly skincare and facemasks


Conscious Coffees 

The Conscious Coffees collection is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Organic, fairtrade, and eco-friendly, Conscious Coffees can be enjoyed completely guilt-free. They also come in a wide range of roasts so it’s easy to find the perfect one; it even comes in decaf! You can find the Conscious Coffees collection here.

organic eco-friendly coffee


5 Defenders Chocolate by Real Mushrooms

The 5 Defenders Chocolate is a unique creation combining the richness of organic, heirloom cacao with the specialized formula of the 5 Defenders Mushroom Extract Blend. The 5 Defenders chocolate bar is made with 75% dark cacao, and it is kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO,andvegan. It’s the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, and you can find it here.

gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan dark chocolate

Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

The Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate set comes with everything you need to create delicious, rich Mexican hot chocolate at home! Mexican hot chocolate is an important part of Mexican culture, and now it’s easy to share in this experience with this complete kit. The kit includes Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate with Almonds, Red Clay Hot Chocolate jug, and a large traditional Molinillo whisk. Each item from the kit can be purchased separately, but you can purchase the complete set here. 

hot chocolate kit

The Koa Ballpoint Pen by Lau Lau Woodworks

This Koa ballpoint pen is a beautifully crafted, handmade ballpoint pen. Koa wood is native to Hawaii and considered an integral part of Hawaiian culture. There are a variety of Koa pens available through Bradley & Lily, some with stone and malachite infusions. You can find the full collection here.

stationery gifts

Ulu Large Notebook by Bradley & Lily

The Ulu Large Notebook is a 5.5 x 8.5 notebook containing 64 blank pages. It’s designed and printed in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the cover is made from recycled felt stock. The notebook is only $9 and can easily be paired with other gifts such as the Koa Ballpoint Pen or any of the other Bradley & Lily stationery items. Check out the full stationery collection here.

stationery gifts

The Franklin Wallet by Alchemy Goods

The Franklin wallet is made entirely from reclaimed bicycle innertubes, making it extremely durable while still being eco-friendly. The Franklin is lightweight, and in addition to the black, it is also available with silver, marine, or neon green highlighted stitching or a reflective spine. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also currently on sale! You can check it out here.

eco-friendly wallet

Be to See Sweatshirt by Wear Panda

The Be to See sweatshirt is unisex, making it a great gift for anyone on your list. It’s made with 85% top quality, organic, ring-spun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester. It comes in sizes XS-XXL, and we bet it’s going to be their new favorite sweatshirt! You can find it here.

organic cotton sweaters


Panda Scarf by Wear Panda

The Panda Scarf line offers three light, contemporary scarves made from 10% cashmere and 90% modal. The scarves feature vibrant colors, trendy designs, and a cute little panda. The lightweight nature of the Panda Scarves make them perfect for tropical weather and trips to the beach. Add a bit of style to anyone’s wardrobe with one, but make sure to get one for yourself too! You can find them here.  

cashmere vibrant trendy scarf


Koa Bracelets by Bradley & Lily

In addition to their beautiful Koa pens, Bradley & Lily also have gorgeous bracelets made from Koa wood and native Hawaiian stones. The bracelets come in a variety of colors and styles, but each one is handcrafted by Honolulu artist Linda Loo. You can find the full collection here.

handcrafted koa wood bracelets

Handbags by Gunas

Gunas offers a wide variety of handbags, all made with love in South Korea. Don’t let the elevated, designer look fool you: each bag is made using eco-friendly materials such as vegan polyurethane and recycled plastic bottles. A Gunas handbag is the perfect gift for the eco-friendly fashionista in your life. Check out the full collection here.

eco-friendly handbags


Shoes by Handmade Barcelona

Handmade Barcelona offers a wide range of gorgeous shoes for both men and women. The Colorines Silky Violet pair pictured below are an example of the chukka boots, complete with a waxed leather exterior and a soft leather lining interior. The chukka boots are water resistant, making them the perfect casual wear shoe for spring and fall. Check them out now while they’re on sale! You can see the full line of shoes by Handmade Barcelona here.

eco-friendly leather shoes


Make-Your-Own kits by Bradley & Lily

For the little ones in your life, we also have a variety of unique and creative games and toys to get the kids really involved. The”Make-Your-Own” series allows kids to have a hand in building their own toys and musical instruments. The kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, and everything they’ll need to complete their new project. At the end, they’ll have a sense of accomplishment and a new toy! You can see the full “Make-Your-Own” line as well as our other toys here.

DIY musical instrumentsDIY musical instruments

CBD For Pets by Honest Paws

You can’t forget about the four-legged friends in your life! Honest Paws offers a wide range of CBD products for cats, dogs, and horses, including oils and balms. Their CBD products are designed to help with mobility, overall wellness, and anxiety relief in pets. You can find the full line of CBD products for pets here!

CBD products for pets

Natalie Michel
Natalie Michel

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